Mission and Values

Our Mission

Bethlehem Christian Academy has built its foundation in God and His Holy Word, the Bible. The purpose of BCA is to provide a loving and creative environment where the students can develop strong and Christian values and virtues. Bethlehem Christian Academy envisions a time of opportunity in today’s world to share the Christian worldview and to expand the kingdom of God. Our Philosophy is focused on establishing and maintaining a dedicated devotional life with the Lord. BCA is an academic institution that seeks to equip, challenge and inspire our students to love learning, to think critically and to apply their knowledge and wisdom to impact the world for Christ. 

Our Values

BCA academically prepares students for life
BCA spiritually equips students to live for Christ 
BCA seeks to develop each student's gifts and abilities
BCA is a loving community that works together with a common purpose 
BCA operates with integrity under God's leadership 

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