Online and In-Person Student Information

Because our curriculum is online based, Bethlehem Christian Academy has both an online student platform and an in-person student platform. The students work independently on their computers, regardless if they’re online or in-person. Our learning system can be accessed through a computer or a tablet- making it more accessible for both students and parents. 

    • Online Students will receive their classes at the beginning of the year and will work from home or wherever they are. The teachers at BCA are checking each student’s (online and in-person) progress daily. Teachers are available from 1pm-2pm through messages, emails or zoom to help each student understand the lessons whenever they need the help. When an online student/parent needs help on a specific lesson or subject, they should call or message the school secretary to make an appointment, so that the teachers can focus on them and their work. 
    • In-Person Students attend the school in Lighthouse Point, Florida from 8am-3pm. Students bring their school supplies along with a tablet or computer to work on their assignments. Throughout the day, BCA teachers periodically check how the students are doing and if they need any help on their assignments. In person students have to adhere to the uniform policy (read more about the policy in the “admissions”).

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